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  • 14410 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33613
  • 813-443-5707
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Welcome to Palm Harbor Discount Mattress!

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Palm Harbor Discount Mattress is a new way to buy a better night's sleep. We are locally owned, by family and friends with years of experience in the mattress business. Excuse us if we do things a little differently. We think you'll like how we work.

We start by trying to be truely helpful. You want to buy a mattress, because you need a good night's sleep.... not because you like driving from one franchise store to another trying to "compare" beds that were designed to be "un-comparable". Palm Harbor Discount Mattress has many mattress styles to choose from: traditional, firm, pillowtop, plush and memory foam mattress. Each model is on display in our boutique showroom with both hardwood and carpet floors, just like your home.

We've taken the time to find the "best beds" to fit each budget. We are NOT contracturally required to sell you any one one brand-name bed. The large chain franchise stores and the department stores in the mall may appear to have more choices, but when you get down to your real budget and their real choices, all they have are the same high-priced / high-commission name-brand mattresses.

Finally, We are a new way to buy a better night's sleep, because we are in the store every day. We don't hire high-pressure salesmen or sit in a corporate office. We are here to help YOU get a better night's sleep.

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